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Orna Oryan (Dr.) is an artist, lecturer, researcher, writer, facilitator and woman who knows how to touch people around her in creative and original ways.


Orna works in the visual arts space as an interdisciplinary artist and scholar. Lecturer at the Kibbutzim College of Creative Education and Feminist Art.


As part of her PhD (Bar Ilan University), Orna wrote a research on the art of female despair, and even published a book "Your Blood" (Resling Publishing, 2013). In his postdoc (Ben-Gurion University-Elisher Institute), she researched and expanded on the subject of shamanism (E. Pardes Publishing).

Orna serves as a group facilitator in combining arts for different populations, with her unique workshops inviting participants to go through an emotional process in which they connect, process their emotions through art and artistic materials. The connection between the material and the emotion provides an opportunity for strengthening, expanding the boundaries and perspective of the "self".


In addition to her interests and employment, Orna has published two children's books: The Puppet Tati (Lavi F. Enterprise Press 2014) Ram and The Big Buffalo (Tzameret, 2018).

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