Orna Oryan (Dr.) is an artist, lecturer, researcher, writer, facilitator and woman who knows how to touch people around her in creative and original ways.


Orna works in the visual arts space as an interdisciplinary artist and scholar. Lecturer at the Kibbutzim College of Creative Education and Feminist Art.


As part of her PhD (Bar Ilan University), Orna wrote a research on the art of female despair, and even published a book "Your Blood" (Resling Publishing, 2013). In his postdoc (Ben-Gurion University-Elisher Institute), she researched and expanded on the subject of shamanism (E. Pardes Publishing).

Orna serves as a group facilitator in combining arts for different populations, with her unique workshops inviting participants to go through an emotional process in which they connect, process their emotions through art and artistic materials. The connection between the material and the emotion provides an opportunity for strengthening, expanding the boundaries and perspective of the "self".


In addition to her interests and employment, Orna has published two children's books: The Puppet Tati (Lavi F. Enterprise Press 2014) Ram and The Big Buffalo (Tzameret, 2018).

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Individual Exhibitions

2018 Changing exhibitions, Arik Barbershop, Sderot -"Boxes", Empathy Museum Kibbutzim Academic College, Tel- Aviv - "Birds Post" Print Gallery, Kibbutzim Academic College, Tel- Aviv 2015 Performance interdisciplinary- “Animal Voice in Woman”- Cinema South Film Festival, Sderot. 2014 Performance interdisciplinary "Woman- Orchard" ”- Cinema South Film Festival, Sderot. 2013 “Sparkle dresses”- Sapir Academic College library. 2012 "A Street with no name" – Kosovo/Gracanica –- Serbia / Belgrade - Alternative art Cultural center. 2012 “Between Sand and Sea"- Sapir Academic College library. 2011 “Girl's Album” - Cinematheque Sedrot. 2009 "My Father's Death”- Oz Gallery - Kibbutz Nahal Oz.
- "Fields of Fragments"- Beery Gallery.
2007 " Retrospective -Illuminated Memoirs "- Schwartzsche Villa Gallery, Berlin.
-"White Beads”, Bat Yam Cultural Center.
-"Black Hair", Tehila -Sderot Hairdressing Salon, Netivot Library.
2003 "Daughter of God", Beery Gallery.
2002 "Right Rest", Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv. - "White Shreds” - Yad Lebanim Gallery, Rehovot. 2001 "A Journey with my Mother”, Anathea Gallery, Jerusalem. 2000 "A Journey with my Mother" Tel Aviv Artists Association.
1996 "Chicken Coop", Beery Gallery. 1995 "Coffins", Kidmat Eden Gallery, Tel Aviv. -"Flies", Nofar Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

Collective Exhibitions

2019 Center for contemporary art-Arad "Principle of Overlap"- Blue and Red" House of artists Rishon Let Zion- "Angels" 2018 "Summer 2018 was hot" Beery Gallery - "Face to Face" – Gallery Academic College K, Beer-Sheva . 2017 Hamidrasha gallery, Tel-Aviv – T-junction "Face to Face" – Gallery Office Tel-Aviv. Gallery Jerusalem house of quality, Jerusalem. 2016 "Day of birth- Day of death”, Europe Hotel, Amsterdam. 2016 "Good buy lovely bird”, Sderot in Andre shoemaker workshop. “Movement” - Chan Baba, Kefar Saba. 2015 “Stations 1”, Cinematheque Tel-Aviv. 2014 “Stations 1”, Suzan- Dalal, Tel-Aviv. “Complicate Family", Inbal Theater, Tel-Aviv. “Complicate Family", Albania "The voice of the South: artists go out from the shelter” -“Keshet" Cente, Sderot. "The voice of the South: artists go out from the shelter” - "Mazya Theatre house”, Jerusalem. Lobby" exhibition space، Tel-Aviv. 2013 “Complicate Family”, Suzan- Dalal- Tel-Aviv. “Complicate Family” - Cinematheque Tel- Aviv. "Wild Cloths", Central Gallery, Tel-Aviv. "Little Red Riding Hood", David Yelin College, Jerusalem. "Life Giraffe's pictures, Red-Line, Beer -Sheva”. "To the Edge ", University Ben- Gurion, Beer -Sheva. 2012 "Pretty Woman", Festival for international art and film, New Delhi, The Social Circle. 2011 "Selected works", Kaye Academic, College, Beer Sheva. 2010 "Snails", Gedera Museum. 2009 "Selected works", Avenue, Trade Center. "Invectives Moan", Kaye Academic College - Beer Sheva. "The Swan", Kfar Saba Municipal Gallery.
"The Anticipation", Gan Shmuel Gallery.
"A Woman”- Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv. 2008 "Chickens", Alvarion , Tel Aviv .
"White Pearl", Sapir College.
"Pumpkins Field", HI Tech Company - Jerusalem.
2007 "Over and Beyond". HKibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2002 "Selected works", San Diego, USA.
1999 "Patchwork Blanket", Kfar Menachem Museum.
1998 "The Shed", Ashdod Museum.
1997 "White Table", Dorot - an outdoor installation.
1996 "Bedouin Ruins", Nahabir - an outdoor installation.
1995 "The Room", Tower Gallery -, Tel Aviv. "Apples", Tower Gallery, Tel Aviv.

Additional Art Projects

2019 Curator of Students' Exhibition, "Shrine of the Screens", Kibbutzim Academic College, Tel- Aviv 2018 Curator of outdoor exhibition "Saudages"- Bror-Hail 2018 Curator of exhibition "Women in Red"- Tel- Aviv Photograph International Festival 2017 Curator of exhibition "Women in Red"- Sderot South Film Festival 2014 Curator of "The voice of the South: artists go out from the shelter”. Collective exhibition in -"Center Keshet", Sderot, "Mazya House", Jerusalem, "Lobby" exhibition space, Tel- Aviv. - Mentor for artists in Red line residence- Beer-Sheva. 2012 Workshops for local artists in Center for Alternative Art in Kosovo - Gracanica. 2005 Umpire at the St. Artists Association at “Nahalat Binyamin” Street, Tel Aviv
2005 Participation in a delegation to Berlin.
2002 Curator of photography exhibition of immigrant youths, within the Jewish agency.
1997 Creator of Outdoor Statues at “Dorot" compound.