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In recent years, Orna has developed special workshops that combine art, in many ways, with various emotional processing processes, including: dealing with family expansion, mid-life crises, crossing significant intersections, fracture and grief situations, empowering processes for dedicated audiences, attention and concentration problems, populations With special needs and their families and more.


Since Orna lives in the Gaza Strip area, some of these workshops also deal with emotional processing for trauma, in an innovative and unusual way, allowing emotional processing to occur simultaneously with a fun creative experience. Orna has many years of academic background combining art and gender. Her academic research has, over the years, dealt with the connection between art and femininity as her doctoral research focused on the female body and its associated processes.


From many years of research and experience in these fields, Orna has developed unique workshops focusing on the field of 'female empowerment' through an experiential process aimed at producing emotional, conscious and thoughtful change in the women who participate in it.


Ram and the buffalo

Children. Expressing emotional states and coping with them creatively

Light and creation

An experience of body, material, improvisation and movement

Cherry Blossom



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