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סדנת רם והבופלו

 an experiential meeting in honor of the written word

Emotional Processing | Creation | Self-Acceptance | Dealing with Differences |  Jealousy | Anger

This workshop is designed for children (with or without their parents / grandparents) and expresses emotional states such as jealousy, anger, fear and coping creatively with them.


The workshop is built around the book "The Ram and the Great Buffalo" written by Orna, and incorporates art and creativity during the course. The book opens up an opening and connection between the written word and creative expressions that foster the relationship between the child and himself and the child and his parents.


Target Audiences:

  • schools

  • Kinder gardens

  • Moshavim and kibbutzim

  • Libraries

Ram and the Buffalo workshop

Target audience:

compulsory aged children - their parents and grandparents

Number of participants:

8-16 participants (parent + child)

Duration: 1 hour

Ram and the Buffalo workshop
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