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פריחת הדובדבן
Cherry Blossom workshop

Workshop duration:

1.5 hours per session.

Number of sessions:

3-10 depending on pre-set

Number of participants: up to 18

Cherry Blossom workshop

This workshop is for women and deals with the experience of empowerment through a meeting between the arts and body, material, improvisation and rhythm.


The workshop will include a space that combines the "I" through a meeting with plastic art, movement, music, breathing exercises and meditation. This meeting leads to the development of tools for self-awareness, empowerment and learning and legitimizes personal and emotional expression and acceptance of the other and different in me.

The workshop is built according to the needs of the client and usually deals with the following topics: female body, emotional eating, developing creativity, compassion, love, sexuality, assertiveness, trust and more.


This workshop also incorporates diverse materials and methods, from the plastic arts, and the worlds of movement, music and improvisation. Participants in the workshop acquire practical tools for internal calm in stressful situations, for strengthening personal expression, for self-understanding and most importantly - to create a new space for change.

Assertiveness | Trust

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