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Daphne Scarlet creates and cures color, voice, movement and word. A playwright and actress in the single, "Nobody Will Hear," the creator and actress (along with her daughter, Lee Laurian) in the play "Heart Cookie."





Dr. Orna Orian Plastic Artist, Lecturer in Creative Education and Contemporary Art at the Kibbutzim Seminar and Sapir College, writes (The Blood of Your Body and Children's Book The Tati Doll) and facilitator of workshops with arts ..

A voice in a living woman

An interdisciplinary show that combines sound, text and video that deals with the mythical connection between a living woman. The essence of the woman-animal connection is expressed in the show through a vocal utterance that expresses the wide and varied range that suggests the similar layers between the animal and the woman. Texts written by the participants describe metaphorical situations embodied in living woman and related to tenderness, dread, oppression, slackness, and flying. The video presents fragments of animal images and images of women with textures of wrinkles, mucous, furry sensations of disgust and disgust at the beauty and ugliness, the delicacy of the touch and the heartbeat as the source of life and animals.

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