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Ram and the Great Buffalo

ildren's Book
Tzameret Publishing, 2018


Ram from Beit Yanai goes to the beach and builds animals after he has a new brother. His mother is very busy with a baby Ram, who is tied to his buffalo, snake and gerbil, sharing them with the distress of his loneliness and his jealousy with his new brother.

Before the Sand sculpture competition, which takes place every Passover at his residence, Ram discover to his father about his secret construction and asks him to join him in the competition. Ram, at the conclusion of the competition, felt that he was already big and whispered to his little brother that when he ll big- he ll assist in the Sand sculpture competition with him and with their father.

Dr. Orna Oryan, a lecturer at the Kibbutzim academic college is an interdisciplinary plastic artist and author of "Your Body Blood" (Resling Publishing, 2013) and the children's book "The Dall Tatty" (Lavie P. Enterprise Publishing, 2014).


This book was inspired by the sculpture works in the sand of her brother, Yishai Fainegelernt, the coordinator of the Neve Tselim boarding school, industrial designer and nature therapist. His sculptures were processed by illustrator Smadar Nahir for the book's illustrations

50 NIS

Ram and the Great Buffalo

It is also advisable to give the book as a birthday gift or for any occasion.

For horticulturalists, parents' committees and libraries a special price of NIS 35 per book, with a concentrated purchase of 10 books or more.

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