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דם גופך

Your Blood

Reference book, research
Resling Publishing, 2013


This book (based on Oran’s PHD) deals with Western (female) artists, both Christian and Jewish, operating since the Seventies onwards, concerning body materialistic secretion – the menstruation and blood.


These Artists are influenced by cultural representations, such as taboos, myths, rituals, initiation rites and practices from ancient tribal cultures as well as monotheistic religions dealing with symbolism in which menstruation and blood are charged with. They take on different elements to their works, whereas they also disrupt the similar patterns.


They use customary cultural and artistic representations but challenge them, through developing components of visual language made of bodily secretions and substances considered as “low”. They deal with forbidden body organs, and their work is successive with expressive conducts such as the Gestalt pattern disruption, fragmentation, scope economy, contradictions integration and intertextuality.


The proportion between the cultural stockpiles and the artistic line of work is based upon a broad spectrum that includes amongst others – symbols borrowing, traumatic expressions, ritual displays and both innovative theological and feministic commentaries.

Your Blood

89 NIS


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