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Tati The Doll

Reference book, research
Interface Publishing P.O. Lavie, 2014


The artist, researcher and author, Dr. Orna Oryan (born 1956), lives and creates at Kibbutz Bror Hayil. She works in the area of visual arts as an artist and mounts photography exhibits in Israel and around the globe, video-art installations which often deal with definitive subjects in which women and their status take center stage.


Oryan works in the visual arts area also as a researcher and published the book Blood of Your Body [Resling press, 2013], which is her doctoral research on western abject women artists who burst into the field of art by presenting heir bodies with all its fluid discharges and lusts and thereby liberated the female body from the patriarchal confines in which it was designed as ideal, whole and clean.


Oryan published the children’s book HaBuba Tati [Tati the Doll] [Lavi P.Enterprises, ltd., 2014] in which she gave expression to the many voices of a little girl through her dolls, as well as writing the idea and illustrating of the book VaAni En Li [And I Don’t Have Any] [Dvora Refeld- Zilbershtein,Yediot Ahronot Press, 1996].


Oryan lectures at the Seminar HaKibbutzim College in “Creative Education: Integrating the Arts and Education,” and at Sapir College in courses on “Contemporary Art.” Oryan also facilitates groups integrating the arts for the post-traumatic public in Sderot and the settlements around Gaza.

Tati The Doll

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